Last Update: 10/06/03

Julian Bream's 1967 Rubio 8 course Lute

Front View.

Here is a list of Julian Bream albums which feature this lute:

  • Elizabethan Lute Songs, (R.C.A.), 1970
  • The Woods so Wild, (R.C.A.), 1972
  • Concertos for Lute and Orchestra, (R.C.A.) ,1974
  • The Lute Music of John Dowland, (R.C.A.), 1976
Appraised at $20,000 by R.E.Brune.

Side View

Back View

End View

Peg box View



Metal frets

Back of neck inlay

Peg Box

Photo from page 30, "Classical Guitar" magazine, August 1993

Photo from page 120,"Julian Bream-A Life on the Road"

Photo from page 131,"Julian Bream-A Life on the Road"